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In response to the crisis for mental health care and support in the aftermath of Covid19, a search for alternative streams of counselling lead us on a global search. The accessibility, availability and affordability of this support had become unattainable.

Contact us for Australia's firsts partnership in Telehealth services for everyone.

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Trauma has indicative impacts.

Understanding how to support someone without suggesting or implying that the person is disordered, abnormal, irrational or mentally ill is a game changer in recovery and building resilience.

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Services & Strategies

Telehealth Consultation with Doctor on Tablet

Access to Affordable

Headspace Health Care

With 1000's of hours of counselling, therapy and strategies for wellbeing

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Alternative Strategies in Education and Upskill

Self Care Support

Subject Expertise and Advice

Change Behaviour Programs

Online counseling.

Accessible and Confidential


Front Line Workers

Employees and Organisations

Last Week of June

World Wellbeing Week

Now in its fifth year, World WellBeing Week provides the opportunity for participants worldwide to celebrate the many aspects of wellbeing, from meaningful, purposeful work to financial security, physical, mental and emotional health, social resilience and empathic corporate and civic leadership, community relations and care for the environment. Wellbeing has never been so important to our lives and livelihoods.

The pandemic has revealed a capacity for change, never before thought possible, with people adapting mentally and physically all over the world. It has brought with it different ways of thinking and a new-found resilience. The word on everyone’s lips has been: ‘wellbeing’. World WellBeing Week celebrates these universal achievements ; when the world came together as one.

World WellBeing Week allows us to thank the health workers and carers who have supported us tirelessly, whilst also spotlighting the growing number of practitioners, charities and social enterprises, who specialise in their own areas of wellbeing.

An increasing number of businesses now also embrace wellbeing as a strategic priority, and the week will provide a platform for employers, large and small, to celebrate their own activities and events, and in so doing to show their appreciation for valued employees, customers, partners and suppliers.

Wellbeing Week 2024

What to do

A time to travel once again, to reconnect with friends and family, and to bring work colleagues closer together united in their aims and aspirations for the future.

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Natural Wellbeing

How to get involved

World Wellbeing Week was created in Jersey and now takes place worldwide with a reach of millions. We invite you to get involved. Together, we can create even more impact for wellbeing during World WellBeing Week 2024.

  • Checkins
  • Implement safe spaces
  • Encourage time off, time out and time away
  • Run emotional regulation classes
  • Validate the individual response of those experiencing stress

Share to Socials

Please feel free to share your activities throughout the week on social media – and include the hashtag #worldwellbeingweek

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Get the best ongoing support at the right time.

Waterfall is the safety net of support for those experiencing distress or recovering from trauma, in relationships, within families or at work

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Tell us what you need and we'll create the best solutions for you.

Services are embedded in work benefits, for personal and professional support.

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What they are saying about us

With all the advances in technology, knowing there is someone I can call, I can talk to about everything is ...... life saving.

John Granger

Trauma informed, cultural dignity and shame sensitive practices are embedded in the Waterfall ethos.

Mel Robinson

I was told I had to wait 6 months for a counsellor - what was I suppose to do in the meantime? When I found out there is someone anytime, everyday, it changed everything.

Sarah Moss

Partner with us

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Services and Strategies


Mailing Address

PO Box 1 Kirrawee NSW 2232

Email Address

Chat Box

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Benefits and Support

To find calm waters in recovery

Policy and Processes



Young couple having marriage counselling.

We Specialise in:

Personal Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence and Abuse

Resisting Support.

Challenging or causing conflict.

Crossing boundaries and breaching thresholds.

Young couple having marriage counselling.

We are partnering with organisations to provide the support and care employees need now.

Counselling and Therapy Services have become so unobtainable since Covid. We have created an alternative pathway for more options and services.

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Services that make a real difference

Mental health issues


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Wellbeing Policy

Wellbeing Education

Coaching Work Health and Life Balance Concept


Wellbeing Support

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Stay Well

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